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ISLAND is committed to provide its clients with a product meeting contractual requirements and clients’ needs at fair cost, within the shortest time and to the highest standards of safety, supporting and protecting the well-being of the natural environment and of the communities where the work is executed.

Island Company

We display honesty in all our working relationships, with our colleagues, customers and all stakeholders. We communicate with integrity and strive to demonstrate transparency in our actions. We are open, honest and accountable. WE ARE HONEST. .


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We will work to deliver exceptional value for our shareholders by following a coherent and considered strategy. • Targeting large, complex construction projects in foreigners markets. • Working in partnership with local and global leaders. • Maintaining our commitment to quality and safety. • Being a good corporate citizen wherever we operate.

• Providing products and services for people in developing economies. • Searching for new opportunities in order to deliver exceptional value. • We believe that our development is strongly related to the development of our human resources through training. • Promoting an environment of competitiveness amongst our employees to promote their sense of leadership and team working.


Office, Showrooms and banks.


Health care buildings


Hotels and resorts.


Steel factories, large scale factories.

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